Welcome to Award Losing Poems!

These verses are the very same
As put me in the hall of shame!


This is me today.

Well, home is home, and you can't complain about it, because whatever it is, it's your own fault.  Mostly I want to give my poems a home of their own. Where it goes from there I don't know. I do want to acknowledge my old friend crazy cat, or just cat who was hosting my stuff prior to this, but unfortunately, I can't find cat or her web site anymore. Cat, if you are reading this, I miss you and I hope you are well. PS - I did find cat, and she's alright, just being antisocial. Boy, do I ever understand that!

OK, so they're not all poems. I find myself wanting to post a few of the meant to be humorous pieces I've done over the years, although some of them seem a bit dated, and a few others stink of Audiogalaxy, a place where I hung out on line for many years, and the place for which most of them were written. I could go really deep in that direction, but most readers would not know the people I was talking about, so I think I'll edit with that consideration in mind.

This is me yesterday.

Somewhere in the '90s? That's a book under my arm; the picture was taken by my daughter Erin. We are are a park in Nutley, NJ.

The day before...

Or many days before. Early seventies? This is something like the image of myself I still  have in my head.  I won't grow old, and I will never die...

...I'm thinking of opening another site for this guy, so I can put up some of the poems I wrote between high school and my early twenties without having to feel presently answerable for them. They are mostly short, and some of them have been cannibalized to meet present needs. If I do this, I'll point you to it, and you may follow if you wish!

The working title will be  Heart At The Root.